Joe Johnson Will Be Breaking People’s Hearts Until He’s 70


Poor Denver. 

The moment Iso-Joe entered this league, he was destined to be the player some old guy in Harlem talks about at Rucker Park 30 years from now because everyone else has forgotten about him or never knew who he was.

“That boy could really play, not that y’all kids would know,” is what this old man will say. “He ain’t ever win anything big, but boy could be play, and he was clutch, too!”


Joe Johnson is no longer a passable NBA player. He labors around on one of the worst teams in the league, scores less than 12 PPG, and barely shoots 40%. But boy, that old guy in Harlem will be right, because Joe Johnson could play, and in accordance with what happened last night, the man is still clutch:

Unbelievable. He’s been pulling this shit for years. The amount of ridiculous buzzer beaters he’s hit on the Nets alone almost makes up for the underwhelming performance and laughable contract. (almost).

Here’s to you, Joe Johnson, and here’s to all the games you will ice at the YMCA for the next thirty-five years.

And here’s a highlight tape of a bunch of his clutch plays.

Picture via Getty. Youtube clips via ‘Scott Man‘ & ‘NBAHighlights2

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