Look at Kobe Bryant’s Uncle’s Name



During my daily perusing of the best website in the world, I ran into something hilarious.

It’s common knowledge that Kobe’s dad was a pretty good NBA player. His nickname, for some reason, was ‘Jelly Bean.’ Pretty cool nickname, right?

Well if you’re comparing that nickname to his brother-in-law’s, it is a sad long shot at creativity.

Chubby Cox! Hilarious. I wonder how he got it… I’m sure buried in the Bryant family vault is a ridiculous/creepy/awesome explanation for Ol’ Chubb’s moniker.

If you’re wondering, Mr. Cox’ real name is John Arthur Cox III. Which is even funnier because there were two other Chubby Cox before him.

His career statistics?

He played seven games in the NBA with the ’82-83 Washington Bullets, averaging 4.1 points per game with a PER of 1.6.

Seems like all Chubby needed was another chance.


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