Allen Iverson Was Incredible


Congrats on the Hall Of Fame, Allen Iverson.

Ten years from now, the NBA nerds leading a statistical revolution that no one asked for will be sitting in some conference talking about how really, when you just look at the advanced stats, Allen Iverson was not even a top 50 player of all time. 

To those future nerds who would rather punch minutes per game combined with errant passes in the fourth quarter to make some ridiculous stat ‘proving’ some stupid point than actually watch a basketball game—go F ya self, because I watched Allen Iverson play, and it was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

He didn’t win a ring, but really, who cares. He single-handedly thrust the NBA out of “We don’t associate with hip-hop” into “HELLLLL YEAH OUTKAST IS DOPE.”

That’s his legacy. He gave zero fucks, he only wanted to win.

In the end, his fragile roots were not enough to overcome the trees that dominate this game, but he came pretty damn close.

AI, you will live forever, despite what those fucking nerds in 10 years will say.

AI’s top ten plays, via NBA on Youtube.

AI vs Vince Carter in the 2001 Eastern Conference Semifinals, via GD’s Highlights.

AI giving MJ the business, via Sh0rty41

And of course, that time AI took on the height of Shakobe mania and absolutely singlehandedly torched the Lakers for 48 and a game one win in the 2001 finals, via GD’s Highlights.

Image via GCobb

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