Look At What Sam Hinkie Did To The 76ers


I do a whole lot of perusing on Basketball-Reference.com. So in an attempt to parlay all that time into something a little less pointless, I’ll be turning my observations into an every-Thursday column on something I found interesting. 

Yesterday, that useless bag of self destruction the Philadelphia 76ers called an NBA General Manager quit his job after a three year ponzi scheme disguised as a way to ‘make the team better.’

Now that it’s all over, we can all officially agree that Hinkie was a disastrous and wildly irresponsible person to put in charge of an NBA team.

No more people convincing themselves to trust The Process. He was a trainwreck who came into Philly and turned one of the league’s marquee franchises into a low level DLeague team. Now that it is all over, it’s time to put his run into a historical perspective.

All numbers and stats garnered via Basketball-Reference.com, of course.

Hinkie’s total record over the last three full seasons (minus the last few games of this year)47-195. 

I mean, that’s really horrible, right? But is it the worst three year stretch in NBA history? It’s hard to definitively answer that because Hinkie left before the end of the season, and because of the various strike shortened seasons through the history of the NBA, but it is undeniably one of the two or three worst ever.

Other candidates:

The Vancouver Grizzlies, who lasted all of six seasons, posted win totals of 15, 14, and 19 from ’96 to ’98, their first three seasons in the league. That’s a total of 48-198. If the 76ers finish the season with two wins and two losses, they will have a better three year record than the expansion Grizzlies. Motivation!

The Denver Nuggets, whose strike shortened ’98-’99 season robbed them of a chance to show just how bad they could be. In all, from ’96 to ’99, the Nuggets totaled just 46 wins, including an 11-71 season sandwiched in between. The problem is, the ’98-’99 season only lasted 50 games, so that can’t really count as the record.

Total number of players for the 76ers over the last three seasons: 66

Sixty-six poor souls were led into hopeless battle under Hinkie’s last three seasons in charge. The only player who played for the 76ers in all three of those seasons is Tony Wroten, who has only seen action in eight games this year.

Number of games 2014 third overall pick Joel Embiid has played: 0

Let’s move on.

Number of drunken fights Jahlil Okafor has gotten into at shitty clubs in Boston: 1

Combined number of losses to begin the last two regular seasons: 35!

In 2014: 0-17

In 2015: 0-18

Average attendance on home games over the last three seasons:

In 2013-2014: 13, 869 (29 out of 30)

In 2014-2015: 13,940 (30 out of 30)

In 2015-2016: 14,202 (28 out of 30)

Highest paid player this year: Karl Landry, set to make $6.5 million. He played 36 games for the 76ers and scored 9.8 points per game. Isaiah Thomas is making $8 million a year this season, and is averaging 22.4 points per game, has played in almost every game, and made an All-Star team.

Lowest paid player this year: Phil Pressey, set to make $172,739.

Points per game this season: 97.1 (30 out of 30)

Opponents points per game this season: 107.3 (28 out of 30)

SRS this season: -9.84 (30 out of 30). I find this hilarious. I have no idea what SRS means, but it’s listed on Basketball-Reference.com, and they are the worst at it.

Offensive rating this season: 98.5 (30 out of 30)

Defensive rating this season: 108.9 (25 out of 30)

It’s all very bad. That’s the point of all this.

As if he hadn’t tortured the city of Philadelphia enough, Hinkie recently posted a 13 page letter of resignation, which you can read below.

Image via SB Nation

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