Zach LaVine = Zach The Vine


It’s the nickname he deserves.

Zach LaVine is a pretty good player. He is very young, can score, and can jump very high. But at this point in his NBA life, two years into a career on two back-to-back bad teams, he is best known for his ability to create highlight dunks.

In this world of social media and tweeting and instant gratification, Zach LaVine has become very Vinable (Those six second videos of players doing remarkable things). He might even be the Most Vinable Player in the league, sans Russell Westbrook.

So based on this fact, and his conveniently similar name, it is time to introduce his new nickname: Zach The Vine. Take a look for yourself:

hype sports


Sick Clips


Tyler Aeschlimann


Zach LaVine

Zach TaVine

Zach ThVine

Zach TheVine

Zach The Vine

Image Via Grantland (RIP)

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