What Has Happened To The Bobblehead Industry?


It’s crumbling.

Who doesn’t enjoy free bobblehead night? As silly as they are, they’ve been around in sports since the ’60s, and you don’t mind bringing them home if they play tribute to a great player on your team. But in the NBA, Washington is the latest team of too many teams to completely screw this harmless American tradition..

This is what they handed out to fans recently at the Verizon Center.


How does that get approved? You ever heard of test prints to make sure the product looks good before you go through with it?

This started a trip down memory lane. Most recently the Lakers tried Kobe, but clearly paid no attention to detail whatsoever.


The Bulls once made a D-Rose bobblehead but it came out looking more like Matt Barnes.


Really puts the bobblehead tradition to shame. Seems like most bobbleheads in the basketball world are actually quite terrible. So lets all just have a good laugh and end on this Varejao bobblehead. Think about all the disappointed Cavs fans that got handed this thing.


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