Anthony Mason Was The 6’5 ***** Biggie Smalls Was Talking About


According to Fat Joe.

Mr. Fat Joe joined the Dan Le Batard show today to talk guns in his face, growing up poor, and most importantly, who Biggie Smalls was talking about in one of the best rap songs ever, “I Got A Story to Tell.”

The song, which released on B.I.G.’s second album Life After Death, chronicles the rapper’s sexual relations with a women who was allegedly in a relationship with a player on the New York Knicks. The song is a lyrical triumph for many reasons. Here are a few of the best lines:

She get dick from a player off the New York Knicks
Nigga tricked ridiculous, the shit was plush
She’s stressin me to fuck, like she was in a rush
We fucked in his bed, quite dangerous
I’m in his ass while he playin’ ‘gainst the Utah Jazz

Exactly whom Biggie Smalls is talking about has long been a mystery. In a past interview on the same show, John Starks made it very clear that it wasn’t him, but that the story was true. Here is the part of the song where the NBA player comes home early, because, as Biggie Smalls put it, his game was rained out.

So anyway the nigga comes up the stairs, he creeping up the steps, the bitch all shook she sends the nigga back downstairs to get some drinks and shit. She getting mad nervous, I said fuck that man! I’m the nigga, you know how we do it nigga, ransom note style put the scarf around my motherfucking face, gagged that bitch up, played the kizzack. Soon this nigga comes up in the spot, flash the Desert in his face he drops the glass. Looked like the nigga pissed on his-self or somethin, word to mother! Ahh fuck it this nigga runs dead to the floor, peels up the carpet, start giving me mad papers, mad papers. (I told you that bitch was a shiesty bitch cause! Word to mother I used to fuck her cousin but you ain’t know that! Hahaha. You wouldn’t know that shit. Really though.) I threw all that motherfucking money up in the Prater knapsack. Two words, I’m gone!

Today, Fat Joe revealed that the player was none other than the late, great, Anthony Mason. Kind of sad considering poor ol’ Mase just passed away.

At least the mystery is finally over……

Image via Deadspin

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