Well Damn, Chris Bosh Might Have To Retire


All jokes aside, poor Chris Bosh.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst (the Jonah Hill imposter) just confirmed what we as NBA fans did not want to think about: Chris Bosh’s blood clot situation is pretty damn serious.

There is a fear within the Heat organization that Bosh’s condition will prevent him from ever being cleared to play by team doctors, several sources said. It’s a result of exhaustive consultations with specialists. Something this big and delicate, the sides have gone deep attempting to understand all the options.

It’s forced everyone to confront the possibility of Bosh ultimately being forced into a medical retirement.

This, of course, really sucks for Chris Bosh. For all the memes and dino jokes, Chris Bosh seems like a pretty good guy, and a pretty solid basketball player. But what about Chris Bosh as a human being, not just a basketball player? Will he be alright?

If Bosh were to be cleared by Heat doctors and he had a recurrence of his condition, it would not only be potentially life-threatening but also reset the clock on the yearlong medical retirement process.

Yikes. Poor Chris Bosh. Here’s to hoping we never see him on the court again, because that would be bad news.

Image via Getty Images

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