Fans Of The NBA To Oklahoma City: We’re Sorry

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We’re sorry, but you have to understand some things..

In 2012, you came crashing onto the scene like a supernova. You exploded onto our collective conscious and left a million tiny little impressionable pieces of intrigue and captivation.

“The Oklahoma City Thunder” — something out of a comic book. You came along as the brash, backpack-wearing FOILS to LeBron James and evil Miami Heat. You stole game one of the NBA Finals.

Kevin Durant. Serge Ibaka. Russell Westbrook. James Harden. Who are these basketball playin’ Muhammed Alis? 

You took game one. I watched in awe, as the Miami Heat, who just beat my last-stand Boston Celtics in a heartbreaking seven game series, succumbed to your spry legs.

Then what happened?

A clean sweep of the next four games. The evil empire gets their ring. It’s ok, we thought, The Oklahoma City Thunder have arrived. They’ll be back.

Then what happened? Goodbye, James Harden. A real blow, but we were still sold on the idea of Westbrook-Durant-Ibaka. In 2013, a 60 win season, and a playoff run doomed by an injury to the previously unbreakable Russell Westbrook.

Another year gone.

In 2014, more winning. A trip to the conference finals. But it wasn’t your year. Spurs in six, no shame in losing to the eventual champs, I suppose.

Another year gone.

In 2015, a worst case scenario. Durant out. Westbrook out. Ibaka no longer the ball hawk from three years ago. Westbrook back, with a superhero-like vengeance. On the last game of the season, no playoffs. Oh well. And James Harden took a trip to the conference finals.

Another year gone.

We gave up on you. We decided your time had passed. That Westbrook + Durant ≠ championships. The next Penny-Shaq. 

No more backpacks, no more endearing press conferences. Once the media darlings, the Thunder hate the media. What a shame.

When will the 30 for 30 about the lost dynasty come out? Whose leaving first, Westbrook or Durant? It’s a shame those two never learned how to play with each other. 

You have to understand something: you owed us. We have our teams that we root for, sure. But when an NBA fan sees something truly special and likable and endearing and unlikely and once-in-a-century, we recognize it, and we root for it to reach the top. So when we gave up on you, it was our premature acceptance that the great Oklahoma City Thunder would never come to fruition.

But now, look at what’s happening. You toppled the Spurs. You went into that preconditioned, ill-conceived madhouse and took game one last night.

You took game one. I watched in awe, as the Golden State Warriors, the team who unceremoniously snatched your league away, succumbed to your spry legs.

You took game one, so now what are you going to do?

From a fan of the NBA, to the greatest ensemble of pure talent we’ve seen in a long time, we’re sorry. But you have to understand why we stopped believing.

We welcome your replies.

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