Now Fat Joe Feels Bad For Blowing Up Anthony Mason’s Spot


Aw man.

Dan Le Batard, who has been probing former New York Knicks on this subject for some time, finally finagled the answer as to which player Biggie Smalls was talking about in his song “I Got a Story to Tell.”

The song, which released in 1997, famously chronicles Biggie Smalls’ own sexual encounter with the wife of a player on the New York Knicks.

On Tuesday, Fat Joe revealed the player to be Anthony Mason, who passed away last year.

It was a mystery 18 years in the making, and some people, most notably the formidable Charles Oakley, were not cool with that.

On Wednesday, while speaking with Hip Hop Wired, Fat Joe said he regretted ever spilling the beans.

“I ain’t taking nothing back — it is what it is — I’m just saying that I don’t know if it was my place to say that,” he said. “When I did the interview it slipped, and I didn’t realize nobody else knew it — I thought everybody knew it!”

This is mostly very sad. Had it been someone like John Starks, everyone would have laughed. But no one wants to hear the late and beloved Mason was ganked by Biggie Smalls.

Part of what made “I Got a Story the Tell” so great was the sheer mystery behind it. It was an improbable and true story that probably should never have been revealed. Oh well.

Image via SI


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