Colbert Chimes In on The Draymond Green Ball Kick


Stephen Colbert got into his Sport Report vibe to shed light on the Draymond Green incident.

You’ve heard all the drama around Draymond Green. He was the center of attention before Game four when he essentially got  let off the hook for his kick to the nuts of Steven Adams. Then he became the target for Thunder fans, whose team handed the Warriors their second straight thrashing and their first back to back losses in almost 100 games (he also certainly didn’t bring his A-game). Speculators have been acting like a jury, citing old cases of players getting hit in jewels, all with various outcomes. Most cases involve a hand swinging into someone’s junk, and you would think that a kick would be easier to judge. But with the ups these athletes have it’s harder to judge.

To your average viewer, there was some clear intent behind his leg jerk—just not enough to say it was completely on purpose. Draymond pleaded innocent, and no one can really prove him wrong. But we can certainly get a laugh out of it. Stephen Colbert of the Late Show said it best, take a look:

He was tagged with a flagrant 2 (which still puts his temper on the ropes for the remainder of the series). People claim that the NBA doesn’t have the balls to give him the appropriate penalty. I say they did what was fairest for all. Now lets move on.

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