Cavs And Raptors Game Five—Not Lit


116-78. Not lit.

The poor Raptors won a few games and started thinking about the NBA Finals. Then came game five, where LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love worked together masterfully to  emasculate the Raptors in Cleveland for a third time in as many tries.

Not a whole lot to be said for this game. A predictably dominate performance for the Cavs.

It’s still fun to think about what would have happened if the Raptors won, though. Imagine the Raptors in Finals?  The league would be in more trouble than in the ’60s when there were eight teams and if one team died in a fiery plane crash it probably wouldn’t have made the front page of the local newspaper.

ANYWAY, here are the highlights, via the masterful MVP/GOAT/All round good guy Ximo Pierto Final.

Image via

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