2015-2016 All Defense Teams Announced


See who made FIRST-TEAM-ALL-DEFENSE (Tony Allen voice).

First Team

Guards: Chris Paul, Avery Bradley

Forwards: Kawhi Leonard, Draymond Green

Center: DeAndre Jordan

Second Team

Guards: Tony Allen, Jimmy Butler

Forwards: Paul Millsap, Paul George

Center: Hassan Whiteside

  • It is certainly nice to see Avery Bradley, who made the second team a few years ago, get some real recognition. The Celtics are able to do what they do on defense in large part due to his non-stop activity.
  • Whiteside and Jordan could have gone either way. I would have voted Whiteside personally.
  • At a young 34, Tony Allen is as great on defense as he’s ever been. He’ll have a job in this league as long he has those quick arms and legs.
  • When is Draymond Green going to get a DPOY? Kawhi has got it two years in a row. Both times, it could easily have been Draymond’s.

Image via Yahoo!

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