ESPN’s Brian Windhorst Can Almost Count, But Not Really


ESPN’s Brian Windhorst (the Jonah Hill imposter) recently pointed out that the last time LeBron James lost a game six with a chance to close out a series was during the 2005-2006 season, when James, making his playoff debut, lost to the Pistons in game six, then lost the series in seven. BUT HE FORGOT ABOUT ONE INSTANCE. Also, tonight’s game six prediction at the end.
Brian Windhorst thought he was dropping some real knowledge on the morning of game six, which the Cavs will probably win. But he ain’t dropping no knowledge.

Windhorst’s claim that LeBron James is 8-1 in game six closeout games is false. James is in fact 8-2. He mentioned the Pistons series, but he forgot about the Pacers series in 2013, when Indiana won game six to push the series to seven games.

Petty? Perhaps. Worth calling out? Absolutely.

While we’re here, a prediction for game six: The Raptors will run out to a ridiculous first half lead of at least 20 points. Everyone will be losing it in Toronto. Drake will be doing annoying stuff. That guy in the turban who always rocks incredible throwback jerseys will be running around in delirium.

Then LeBron James will storm back almost singlehandedly and win the game and crush the hearts of every fan in Toronto. Then Demar DeRozan, a Compton native, will jet for the Lakers. And that will be the end of that.

If that all happens, LeBron James will be 9-2 in such situations. Not 9-1. Come on Brian Windhorst.

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