Bryce Dejean-Jones: 1992-2016

As you have invariably heard by now, Bryce Dejean-Jones of the New Orleans Pelicans was shot dead on Saturday. He was 23.

Dejean-Jones, who had fought to make a name for himself in college as well in the NBA over last five years, suffered a gunshot wound to the abdomen and passed shortly there after in a Dallas apartment early Saturday morning.

The Los Angeles native, who had bounced around college basketball and the NBA D-League, had recently signed a three year deal with New Orleans Pelicans. He Tweeted this right before the beginning of last season:

In the wake of this news, ESPN is now reporting that Dejean-Jones death was simply a wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time worst case scenario:

According to an email that the apartment complex sent to its residents Saturday morning, the individual was “believed to be breaking into the apartment of an estranged acquaintance [but] inadvertently broke into the wrong apartment.”

Dejean-Jones was visiting his girlfriend in Dallas for his daughter’s first birthday, which was Saturday, according to Nichols. He said the girlfriend returned to the apartment first while Dejean-Jones went for a walk after they had gone out.

“He went to the wrong apartment unfortunately and I think he thought his girlfriend locked him out, so he was knocking on the door, banging on the door, it’s locked,” Nichols told the Associated Press. “So one thing led to another.”

As Deadspin reported, Dejean-Jones spent time in college at USC, UNLV, and most recently, Iowa State, where he was no stranger to trouble. He was arrested and charged with marijuana possession (charges which were later dropped). He was suspended at both USC and UNLV for physical altercations with teammates. After a conference tournament loss while at UNLV, a teammate threatened to shoot him, according to Deadspin’s report.

Of course, all of these anecdotes are moot points in the bigger picture for a professional athlete who just lost his life over nothing.

A professional athlete, who, by the sound of it, was deep into the process of turning his life around. He was in Dallas to visit his daughter, who had just turned one.

Rest in peace, Mr. Dejean-Jones.

Image via Getty Images

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