Pau Gasol: All ‘Round Good Guy


We’ve known this since we found out his leisure activities include studying heart surgery and sitting in on operations. His recent exploits into human decency involving the Rio Olympics is just icing on the cake.

All ‘Round Good Guy Pau Gasol really does challenge himself. Imagine him trying to use those little surgeon tools with those massive hands. Imagine the back pain. Imagine how adorable a slightly blurry picture of him and his mentor in an operation room would be?


Adorable, right?

Now, the heart surgeon who moonlights as an NBA great is speaking out on the Olympics in Brazil, explaining the dangers of the Zika Virus to his teammates and all other Spanish athletes, encouraging them to follow his lead and skip out on the event if the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) doesn’t take any major actions against this rising crisis.

And guess what? The W.H.O. just announced that there is “no public health justification” for moving the Olympics out of Brazil, which contradicts everything Pau is standing for. In this situation, who are you going to believe; a big dumb acronym or All ‘Round Good Guy Pau Gasol?

Gasol is right. It’s a big fucking deal that needs to be talked about. It’s cool to see him taking some initiative.

As of right now we won’t see Gasol on the court in Brazil. But this obviously won’t effect the outcome of the basketball tournament. Because America. Happy Memorial Day?

Image via ESPN

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