Hey Isaiah, That Shit Ain’t Gunna Work


In a rather insensitive and immature move, the normally classy and thoughtful Isaiah Thomas tweeted something after game seven that will only piss off the person it was intended for. 

Shortly after game seven ended, Isaiah Thomas Tweeted this:

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 3.41.58 PM

Obviously, Isaiah meant for that to be an early recruitment of Kevin Durant, who lost a damning game seven hours earlier. But this is not how you recruit an all-world player. You meet with him when he is ready to meet. You sell him on the history. You sell him on the city of Boston, which loves it’s team like no other NBA city.

You don’t Tweet childish things right after a legacy-defining loss. Remember, Durant snapped on the entire city of Washington D.C. after they shamelessly begged him to leave OKC during a Thunder game against the host Wizards. Durant was completely right. That stuff is classless, if not pathetic.

(UPDATE): Isaiah Deleted the Tweet.

Image and Tweet screenshot via Boston.com

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