Darren Collison Just Broke Our Hearts


Last night, seven-year NBA point guard Darren Collison got arrested for “inflicting corporal injury to a spouse”. The Sacramento Kings can’t seem to avoid drama.

While a domestic violence case is linked to the NBA is not uncommon, it is a bit surprising that it came from Darren Collison. He seems mild-mannered on the the court, and was one of the more mature players on a dysfunctional-as-always Sacremento team this year.

Just yesterday (!) he tweeted this:

Reminder: We don’t know a fraction of who these players really are. You can never jump to judgements—both good and bad—too quickly.

If this is as bad as it seems, it will be no good for his NBA career.

Maybe the Knicks, who are in dire need of a decent point guard, will follow the Yankees’ acquisition of Chapman and try to grab him for a cheap price.

Photo from USAToday.com

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