The Cavaliers Are Probably Screwed, But It’s Still Too Early To Tell


This happens all the time in the NBA. The home team blows out the away team twice in a row to start a series, and everyone loses their minds. It happened in the Cavalier-Raptor series. The old and tired cliche—that a series doesn’t start until someone loses on their home court—is overused for a reason. You can’t count LeBron James out until he walks off his home floor a loser.

Game two of the NBA Finals was another blowout victory for the Warriors. They won 110-77 this time. Besides a quick seven point spurt before halftime by the Cavaliers, which cut the Golden State lead to eight, the much-anticipated contest never really turned into one. Draymond Green had 18 points at the half. Curry and Thompson eclipsed their combined game one total before the third quarter started.

LeBron bounced back from an 0 of 5 first quarter with 14 points in the second. He almost had a triple-double by halftime, but his stats (he finished with 19 points,  eight rebounds, and nine assists) were filler stats. He also had seven turnovers, a direct result of him feeling the pressure to do virtually everything for his team.

No one else on his team seemed interested in helping out. With the game far out of reach by the end of the third quarter, James took most of the fourth quarter off. Which was, by default, the smartest thing coach Ty Lue did all night.

Irving was horrible. He finished 5 of 14 with 20 points and one assist. He is now 12 of 36 in the first two games with a total of five assists. Love was a non-factor again. This time because he suffered a concussion when Harrison Barnes clipped him with an elbow with five minutes left in the second quarter. He is questionable for game three.

This game was all sorts of ugly. The Warriors were in celebration mode mid way through the third quarter. Andre Iguodala was making plans for after the game. Steph Curry was doing this thing (?).

Golden State is making a mockery of this series, and it’s all Cleveland’s fault. So far, this doesn’t look like a unique clash of stars and playing styles. It looks like a transcendent 73 win against a team without any sort of identity. Just one great player.

But I still think it’s important not to completely overreact like some people are doing.


If you are a Cavaliers fan, it certainly doesn’t look good. LeBron can talk you off the ledge all he wants with his calm and peaceful press conferences, but the bottom line is that the Warriors just smacked your team twice in a row.

But Cleveland is 10-0 at home in the playoffs and besides that game six win against the Thunder, the Warriors have not played particularly well on the road this postseason. The Cavs are still in position to tie the series, steal one in Oakland, then close out the Finals on their home court. Not completely infeasible, right?

Just hope the Warriors don’t win game three. Or game four, for that matter. Then you’re screwed as a Cleveland fan once again. And all you will have to root for is baseball.

Image via AP




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