Warriors Fan tried to eye-fuck Curry


She did her best.

But honestly, trying to grab his attention during an NBA finals is not the greatest idea.

Turns out she knows him and HIS WIFE personally, and is a loyal behind the bench fan, for both home and away games. Gotta respect that. Maybe in the end she was just innocently zoned out. But the skepticism exists because these guys are superstars doing incredible things. Bill Burr explained it perfectly.

Also, she’s potentially tangled up with Matt Barnes? Uhhhhhh… seems like trouble.

Guess who I ran into today @matt_barnes9 and we won!!! Today was a good day!!

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Whatever the case, it’s fair to assume that someone on that Warriors team must be benefiting from Stephs rise to fame, and not just on the court.

She didn’t get the hint that court-side seats is the way to go.

If you think she’ll stick around, do your own investigative work and follow her on Snapchat: rosgo21

Video via Streamable.

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