It’s Allen Iverson’s Birthday. Look At Some YouTube Highlights


Do it or you don’t care that Allen Iverson turns 41 today.

Here’s high school AI torching people in football.

Here’s Georgetown AI dropping 40 points on Arizona and being faster than everyone else in general.

Here’s rookie AI dropping 50 gosh damn points as a rookie.

Here’s rookie AI crossing up Michael Jordan (twice) then hitting a jumpshot.

Here’s third-year AI in his first all-star appearance against Penny and the Magic in 1999.

Here’s AI dropping 46 and beating the Lakers in game one of the NBA Finals by himself.

Here’s AI talking about practice.

Here’s AI dropping 55 points in the 2003 Playoffs against the New Orleans Hornets.

Here’s AI dropping 51 on the Lakers in 2007 as a member of the Nuggets.

Here’s AI playing the Memphis Grizzlies (?!?!)

Here’s AI playing for some team in Turkey.

Here’s AI getting his jersey retired by the 76ers.

Happy Birthday, AI.

Image via

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