It’s Gotta Be Over, Right?

The Kevin Love-City of Cleveland-LeBron James love affair longstanding run of stressful tolerance has been a strange thing to watch. And after a two (2, deux, II, dos) point performance in game five, it seems all but over, regardless of what happens the next two games. 

Can we all agree that I am now an expert on the Kevin Love-playing-real-shitty beat? A few days ago, I wrote this about the whole situation, saying Love’s time in Cleveland would be over unless a Herculean type of performance followed during the remainder of the Finals.

Then, yesterday during the game, my seemingly insignificant Tweet freaked the fuck out and inexplicably went viral.

(I have 150 followers)

Isn’t that incredible? Yes? No? My Tweets have many interpretations. They are deep. It’s ok if you can’t wrap your head around the many layers of my 11 word thought.

But yeah, Kevin Love scored two points. In an NBA Finals game. The telling sign for an NBA player who had a shitty game usually comes from his shooting numbers.

In game one, when Steph Curry scored only 11 points, he shot 4-15.

His game was horrible, but it was acceptable, because he took 15 shots. Curry was probably really mad about his low point total and shooting percentage, but he could at least rest his hat on the fact that he tried to get going. He kept shooting. Good or bad, he had an impact on the game.

An impact. That’s what great players have. An impact. Kevin Love did not have an impact. He was 1-5. That’s not bad. That’s not horrible. That’s not an underwhelming performance from a superstar. That’s not anything. That’s a nondescript and forgettable game from a solid NBA role player who can score some points if you give him enough wide open looks from deep.

That’s why this whole thing is over. Kevin Love—for whatever reason—has been completely phased out. LeBron doesn’t even care about him. He doesn’t get mad at him. He doesn’t give him advice. He doesn’t even high-five him. His mind has moved on from Kevin Love. It’s Kyrie and LeBron from now on, and whoever else the Cavs can get this offseason for poor ol’ Kevin Love.

Be free Kevin. Don’t cry because it’s over. Get the fuck out while you can and never return to the city of Cleveland again.

Image and video via Streamable

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