Vivint Smart Home Arena gets approved of an upgrade, team hopefully to follow

Wait hold on, the Utah Jazz play at a place called the Vivint Smart Home Arena?

In a blowout, the Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency board voted  6-0 to approve the $22.7 million in tax incentives to support the $125 million arena upgrade.

The city is literally putting their money on the Jazz, and one of NBA’s best white forwards Gordon Hayward, so owner Gail Miller and her crew better stay commited to being a good team.

This comes after a surprisingly good season for the Jazz, who JUST missed out on the playoffs only to watch the Rockets half ass the first round and go home in 5 games, content with their playoff bonuses.

With Utah giving the Warriors a good battle this year, it would have been fun to see them give a fuck and put their heart and soul into the series rather then watch a whole Rockets team happily do or die by Harden’s selfishness.

But not to diverge from the real issue at hand. I still can’t help but get frustrated on why taxpayers all around the US continually have to help millionaires pay for their stadiums. I could rant on about it, but a good man named John Oliver did that ranting for me. It’s definitely a must watch if you are a sports fan in the US.

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