Any chance Ayesha Curry just fucks off now?

Please? (It’s nothing personal) (OK, it’s personal)

What is Ayesha Curry? Some sort of online cook, right? Ugh.

She is annoying, right? It can’t possibly be just me.

It can’t just be me who thought that ridiculous NBA IS RIGGED Tweet was incredibly annoying.

So, when one thing doesn’t go your way in a perfect season, you start pressing the meltdown button? Really? Then you delete it and justify it this way?

What? I’m sorry to hear that, and I understand that I will never know what that feels like, but what does that have to do with Steph Curry throwing his mouth guard and getting ejected from an NBA Finals game? How about just admitting you were wrong? How about a little self reflection?

Some more insufferable Tweets followed after last night’s game, because, apparently, she thinks it is up to her to start Tweeting. Even though she is the wife of a player on the team. Not on the team.

Didn’t know God was from Cleveland!! Did he just happen to really like a member of the Warriors last season? Seems messed up for God From Cleveland not to let Cleveland win every year…

Why can’t this person, who, again, has no real affiliation with this team other than her husband, just shut up after something like this?  It’s ok to be sad. But why does it have to be a cop out God Tweet?

Why couldn’t she either A. shut up, or B. admit that it sucks that they lost. No one asked you, Ayesha Curry, but since you insist on Tweeting, how about some self reflection?

Image via Ximo Pierto Final

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