JR Smith doeth good, then JR Smith doeth bad

In the less than 24 hours since the NBA Finals have ended, JR Smith has treated us to each side of the JR Smith Spectrum.

We all know JR Smith has doneth bad in the past. But we saw JR Smith doeth good last night. First, by scoring 12 points and having a legitimate impact on game seven of the NBA Finals. Then we saw him open up in this really genuine and sincere postgame press conference. He cried honest tears of joy talking about his family.

Then JR Smith hopped on a plane to Vegas and did this:

JR Smith doeth bad. But at the same time, JR Smith doeth kind of good. My three point defense of JR Smith:

  1. We wouldn’t be seeing this if an ESPN reporter wasn’t creeping with an iPhone. Not sure if that’s good or bad, because I’m happy to have seen this.
  2. The lady was wearing a Cavs shirt, so she was presumably in on it. Plus she sprayed him back, so like, maybe it was rehearsed. If she started yelling at JR, it would have been JR Smith doething really bad. But she was down with it, it would seem.
  3. Lastly, please don’t act like you have never wanted to give an attractive female a champagne shower after winning game seven of the NBA Finals.

Conclusion: JR Smith only doeth what JR Smith doeth.

Image/video via @arashmarkazi


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