LeBron channeled all his anger into one Instagram rant

He’s been waiting a long time to do that. 

LeBron just capped off the only thing that has ever meant anything to him since he got into the NBA. Now he’s running buck wild on all of his haters.

Without naming names (Pat Riley) he revealed to an ESPN reporter that all the motivation to win this title came from Pat Riley an unnamed source within the Heat organization who told him he was making the wrong decision to leave Miami. That, among others things, fueled this Insta-rant.

LeBron could burn the entire city of Cleveland to the ground tomorrow and no one would care. He is finally experiencing what it is like to say whatever the hell he wants whenever the hell he wants. And he earned it, because he is a champion. And he is a champion in the city most people thought he would never be a champion in.

Way to go, Pat Riley!!

P.S. Everything about that post is marvelous. The Kermit hat. The typos. The hashtags. There is no doubt in my mind that LeBron wrote all that while hammered, crying tears of immeasurably happy joy.

From an NBA watcher who once made a livelihood out of hating LeBron James, good for LeBron. You can’t tell him nothing.

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