A New Yorker’s reaction to the Rose deal

Dude, I’m pumped!


Despite all the potential downsides to this deal (we will deal with an injured Rose if when it comes), he brings a lot of excitement to the franchise that we haven’t had in a looooong time. Yes, Porzingis did that last year, but that wore off right around half way through the season when we remembered how trash we are.

And check this tweet:

That was in the mid 70s! And he won it with the BUFFALO BRAVES.

In a weak Eastern Conference, Rose will give us a sliver of hope, and as a longtime Knicks fan, thats all we could ask for at this moment in time. Hopefully Rose and Porzingis (and also life in NYC) will attract more respectable free agents to NY.

Til then, I am happy to give Rose the chance to revive his career in NY.

That is nothing new for Yankee fans…

Image via NBA.com

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