That Thad Young trade is a great precursor to the NBA Draft for Boston Fans

The Nets sent their second best player (one of two good players, really) to Indiana for the 20th overall pick in tonight’s draft. It’s a great warmup to whatever is about to happen tonight for the Celtics.

If you are a fan of the Celtics, life is pretty good right now. Your team, which just won 48 games with a ragtag mix of hard workers, enters tonight with the third overall pick.

Will they take Kris Dunn? Will they take some Euro guy? Who knows. Who cares. Danny Ainge will make the right draft choice/trade.

What we do know, is the Nets just stomped whatever nightmare of a future they had even further into the basement of the Eastern Conference.

This team is one Lopez foot tweak away from winning 10 games next year. Which would mean at least another top three pick for the Celtics, who will, in all likelihood, return a much improved team next year.

As Boston gets better, Brooklyn gets worse. Somewhere in Brooklyn, Danny Ainge is laughing manically and stabbing a Brooklyn Net themed voodoo doll.

Image vis Getty

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