Instagram post from NBA’s account will warm your heart

“If I see Melo I’m gunna cry.”

A bunch of kids from Harlem saw the USA basketball team yesterday.

No need to give you the play-by-play. Just watch.

When you meet the @usabasketball #USABMNT! #ThisIsWhyWePlay #Unite

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Whoever took this video is great. “One at a time, one at a time.”

That is really and truly fantastic. A bunch of inspired little kids (in Manhattan, the mecca of basketball, no less) see—not even meet—their idols and genuinely cannot contain themselves.

Why don’t we, for once, take a step back from max-contracts, free agents, ‘players legacies,’ 73 win teams, choke jobs and advanced metrics to admire what basketball means to these kids, and millions of other kids in America?

You think that kid threatening to cry if he meets Melo cares that Melo had his lowest Player Efficiency Rating since 2009 last season?

No way.

Sometimes the pure humanity these guys inspire is just as important as the metrics and rumors surrounding them.

Video and screen cap via NBA

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