Look at Steph Curry’s salary

When 11:59 p.m. Thursday night turned into 12:00 a.m. Friday morning, the NBA lost it’s collective mind. What followed was an unprecedented auction style free agency period that resulted in the richest annual salary ever handed out (Mike Conley’s five year, $153 million contract). With that in mind, along with every other mindblowingly bloated new contract, take a look at the salary of two-time MVP and world champion Steph Curry. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 1.49.46 PM

Basically, the Warriors re-upped on Curry at the exact pinpoint perfect window. In 2013, there was zero talk of a wild-wild-west type of salary cap jump. Players were still being paid in relation to the value of their numbers, not what another team desperate for a star was willing to pay.

And, perhaps more importantly, 2013 model Steph Curry was only the early prototype of what we were about to see. He was coming off a very solid year in which his team won 47 games and a made a cute playoff run, but he hadn’t even crept into America’s conscious as a transcendent shooter and MVP player. Plus, his ankles were assumed ticking time bombs. He had missed almost all of the previous season and the Warriors’ six game series against the Spurs was slightly less competitive because he spent the duration of the second round teetering between gimpy and just passable.

With the injuries and the pre-three-point emphasis the league has now fallen in love with, Curry accepted a modest extension.

Last season, Curry was the best player in the league but the 65th highest player, coming in right behind Utah’s Derrick Favors and teammate Andre Iguodala.

I can’t even imagine where he ranks right now, but here are some of the signed contracts from yesterday that guarantee more money than Curry will make next season.

(Take a deep breath)

  • Timofey Mosgov (MOSGOVVVVVVV)’s four year, $64 million deal.
  • Joakim Noah’s four year, $72 million deal.
  • Chandler Parson’s four year, $94 million deal.
  • Evan Turner’s four year, $70 million deal.
  • Nic Batum’s five year, $ 120 million deal.
  • Kent Bazemore’s four year, $70 million deal.
  • Bradley Beal’s four year, $128 million deal.
  • Jordan Clarkson’s four year, $50 million deal.
  • Luol Deng’s four year, $72 million deal.
  • DeMar DeRozan’s five year, $145 million deal.
  • Evan Fournier’s five year, $85 million deal.
  • Jeff Green’s one year, $15 million deal.
  • Solomon Hill’s four year, $50 million deal.


Those 13 players listed have one combined NBA title (Mosgov’s bench performance), and six all-star appearances.

Steph Curry has three all-stars, two MVPs, one ring and one 73 win season.

The NBA, everyone.

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