Minda-something Kuzzzzzzkas is coming to the Knicks? GTFO!

If you were to tell me only 4 months ago that we would be getting “Kuzia” from Spanish team Malaga, I’d believe you.

Alright, all jokes aside, its always pretty exciting to see European ball players get a shot in the NBA. Here is a highlight reel of Kuzia, and if you just look for the consistent factors (e.g. off the ball movement, overall athleticism, etc.) and block out the low quality of competition they are playing in, then you can get a sense of their potential. And he does seem pretty athletic for 6-9. Probably has a shit jump shot though since it didn’t even make his highlight reel.

This video alone has some gems that deserves a post itself (the hardcore fan in the beginning!), but thats for another time. Also, did you catch Belinelli in the background (0:42)? Nice little cameo right there.

Either way Knicks got him for dirt cheap, and he’s only 26, so I’m all for it.

Picture via euroleague.net

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