YouTube Channel “Hardwood Classics” Just Became Our New Best Friend

This relatively new youtube channel is casually uploading full games dating back to the 70s. Get hyped!


Sam and I always got hyped when we would catch a old gem on NBA TV. But the YouTube channel Hardwood Classics keeps on uploading full, classic games, making our lives (and yours) much better.

Here’s a link to the YouTube channel.

This channel will become Off the Ball’s new summer “passion project”, something more interesting and valuable then the the loads of banter and gossip from the trades that ultimately waste our time. We’ll comb through these games, pick them apart, and discuss them as if they happened yesterday. Because we all know that sometimes a box score or a two minute highlight doesn’t do a playoffs game any justice.

Watching a full game from the 90s gives you a real sense on how the game has evolved since then, and its fascinating, to say the least.

Jordan and Malone, 1998
Jordan and Malone, 1998

If you’re interested in a old classic but don’t feel like doing the research to find out which ones to watch, that’s why we exist. We’ll bring it all to you. So make sure to tune in.

Plus,  I’m sure the shots of the fans will be a sight to see.

Edit: Heart = BROKEN. Channel was taken down because of, “multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted.” Well, I guess we’ll go back to the 15 oldies on YouTube that somehow haven’t been taken down.

Picture from RantSports

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