While Westbrook Stays Put, Durant Looks Like an Even Bigger Asshole

Out of the blue, Russell Westbrook announced plans to extend his contract with OKC and will likely play out his prime years in the state of Oklahoma.

After the shitstorm Durant created by joining rivals (but best bud) Golden State Warriors, Russell has made him look that much worse.

Durant is in a bad light right now, and that pain that OKC feels will probably never go away. But it’s worth remembering that deep down he is a good guy, a man who wears his heart on his sleeve, cries during an MVP speech, and gives it his all every game. He (maybe rightfully) wanted a change in scenery, and saw a golden opportunity (ha!) to make it happen.

I’m a big fan of humility and sportsmanship, and Durant is definitely one of the more humble super stars of our time, constantly crediting his teammates before himself and supporting his bench players while he is on the bench.

But all that said, he lost to the enemy in the most heartbreaking of fashion then dipped and left an already fragile city in disarray.

Westbrook’s decision reminded people of all that again, and brought that pain right back just as it seemed to be fading away.

Yesterday, Westbrook held his official contract extension press conference. He was candid and honest. He told the media he really had no idea what Durant was going to do. And that he found out in the same way we all did, via that horrific ‘Players Tribune’ article. Here it is in full:

Picture Credit: Fox Sports

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