The 2016-17 Warriors are already unbearable

Goddamn it I hate them so much.

Do you need a reason to hate the 2016-17 Warriors more than you already do?


Ok, good. Because here is the holy-than-thou Steve ‘Stumbles into six rings’ Kerr being a pretentious piece of garbage.

“To think of Kevin Durant or Steph Curry or any of our guys as villains, it’s kind of absurd. Especially Kevin,” Kerr told ESPN Sunday. “This is one of the most likable people in this league. He’s just an awesome human being. What he did in Oklahoma City was just amazing for that community.”


Tell that to the little crying kid who watched Kevin Durant blow a 3-1 series lead then leave everything and everyone behind by joining that team in the worst article ever written.

Tell that to Russell Westbrook, who found out his friend who just helped him blow a 3-1 series left to go join the team that beat them in the worst article ever written.

Tell that to Steven Adams, Victor Oladipo, Billy Donovan, etc., who just watched their superstar join the enemy after losing a 3-1 series lead, which was announced in the worst article ever written.

Steve Kerr, permanently blissfully unaware:

“He’s a good guy!!!!”

Does he not understand that someone else might have a different perspective? Get your head out of your ass, Steve.

Actually, what really makes me mad is that Steve Kerr is a smart person, and probably doesn’t actually think this narrow-mindedly. What makes me angry is how stupid he pretends to be.

Of course he knows how fucked up it was for Durant to leave and join his team, but he’s too slimy to actually admit that.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to just hear him say something like:

“Yeah, I understand why people are mad. It’s unfortunate, but at least we have him now. We’re happy about that.”

That’s all it takes! This team is so horribly unaware of how lucky they are. Or at least that’s how they act. At least previous great teams were honest about their luck and resulting success.

Even the Miami Heat’s ‘Big Three’ were less obnoxious than this team.

No team deserves to blow a 73-win season then sign a top-five player in the league. That’s bullshit, and everyone—the Warriors included, know it.

Image via KNBR

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