Jabari Parker Keeps it đź’Ż

In a new Players’ Tribune article, Parker gets real with us and discusses childhood in Chicago.

Jabari Parker, Chicago, Illinois.

It very much resembled pages out of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ book Between the World and Me, where he discusses his childhood in Baltimore. Side note, if you haven’t read that book yet, put it on your list.

What I really respected about Parker’s article was he didn’t just list problems, but offered solutions. He showed he wanted to and WILL break the stereotype associated with urban black kids by pursuing education. He wants to finish college and get a degree, he wants to teach and show younger kids that it is possible to escape.

Jabari is only 21, yet he is eager to use his fame for the greater good. That is something any NBA fan (or dare I say human) will respect. I hope to see him stay true to his word and keep doing good things off the court.

As for on the court? Well, we will have to see how he keeps up in the NBA as he enters his third season. But he certainly has character:


No handshake? No problem.


Picture Credit: Players Tribune

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