The USA Basketball Committee is Way Too Pompous

Turns out since 1992, the mens and women basketball teams have been banned by the USA Olympics committee on living in the Olympic village.

Most Olympic athletes will tell you that the scene in the Olympic villages is the one of (single life) dreams. Meeting superior athletes like yourself from around the globe, bonding, making new friends, getting hammered, banging, etc. Its all a reward for working your ass off for four years. It is part of the experience.

But the director of USA basketball, Jerry Colangelo, has stripped that fun away from the men and women basketball teams. They currently live isolated on this cruise ship:

Why? The committee said they are the superstars of superstars, and that their constant attention would exhaust them and distract them.

I just hear a strict parent/tiger mom saying that.

“I know everyone else is having fun, but we’re not here to make friends, we’re here to WIN.”

“We would be the center of attention, and it would distract us from WINNING.”

Jerry even admitted it was an “extra precaution”, saying, “they’re very valuable assets.” Assets! Calling a human an asset really shows you the “strictly business” mentality that he is in.

Look at how boring this guy looks:

If there is one team that could probably pull off an international win with everyone hungover, it’s the US basketball teams.

Most of the other super stars of this Olympics, including Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps, are in the village, and they’re both killing it (and no complaints). Novak Djokovic is also there.

Even NBA stars from other countries are there (Manu, Gasol, Barbosa, Bogut, Parker) and just as recognizable.

In the end they are right. It can only help. But I will still give them a snap judgement thats also right.

The USA is being self centered. Let the athletes enjoy living with other athletes who are all at the peak of their human existence. Let them benefit from that to the fullest.

Obviously the guys are having their own fun and I haven’t heard any complaints. And they can still enter the village, they just can reside there. But still, USA’s Olympic committee is being a bit of a buzzkill.

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