Why Your Team Could Be Alright: The Washington Wizards

Your team could be alright. Here’s part one of our thirty part series chronicling all the possible very good things to come for your team.

The very good: John Wall!


The very bad: Your Washington Wizards’ performance from a season ago.  After two straight Eastern Conference Semifinal appearances, a 41-41 record in ’15-’16 brought an end to the streak of two consecutive playoff berths; the best two year run for the franchise since the late ’70s.

Your team’s social media account, graded: If your team’s social media account had a regular season NBA record, it would be 41-41. Much like your actually team’s reigning regular season record.

It isn’t great. It isn’t awful. It does it’s job. It’s not very funny. It’s very……safe.


It might have been worst if not for the sheer greatness of the Polish Hammer.

Why you should be excited: The Washington Wizards have one of the best point guards in the league, a  sweet-shooting 23-year-old (with a $127 Million dollar contract) and a proven NBA coach to replace the crash dummy that scarecrowed the sidelines the last five seasons.

Otto Porter Jr. is still very young (23) and has the potential to develop into the third very good piece of the other two very good pieces. Bradley Beal is saying all the right things about being healthy and seems like a smart guy who will try to live up to the ridiculous contract he signed this offseason.

If Beal manages to stay healthy (he played 55 games last season, 63 the year before that), the Wizards will have the third best backcourt in the NBA. 1. = Golden State. 2. = Toronto. 4. = L.A. Clippers.

Out with the old, in with the new: How uninspiring is this face?


He looks like he just got a very reasonable deal on his home insurance policy for his fourth vacation condo in San Pedro, Texas.

Good for him!

For five years, Wittman stared blankly while John Wall tried to make chicken salad out of chicken shit. His Wizards never w0n more than 46 games, but caught lightning in a bottle two years in a row during the playoffs thanks to the stellar play of Wall, the sudden emergence of Bradley Beal and then Otto Porter Jr., and, for one year, the play of Coach Pierce.


That definitely does not look a team that was about to lose three in a row to the Atlanta Hawks then go 41-41 the next season.

But injuries happened. Paul Pierce left. Porter Jr. didn’t come on as strong as expected. Nene, now off the team, got old. Gortat got old. The East got better. And that was that.

But Scott Brooks has a pulse! He’s got nice glasses. He’s taken a young team and brought them to the NBA Finals. He convinced a pair of superstars to like him. He won a title with the Houston Rockets! Go Scott!


Most importantly, he’s not the other guy, who Wizard fans have probably already forgotten the name of.

Your team’s ceiling: Every season is supposed to be “The Year” for this team. Every season it comes down to health. We know who John Wall is. He is a 25-year-old star who is very, very good, but has not yet been able to flip all that talent into an elite team.

We don’t know who Bradley Beal is yet. He hasn’t played enough. Is he another Ron Mercer? Or is he another Rip Hamilton? Only time will tell.

But if he is healthy and is what we though he was, then who knows what this team is capable of. Otto Porter Jr., who has averaged 2, 6, and 11 points per game in his first three seasons, is a 6-foot-8 athletic nightmare for other teams to guard. He is a potential future All-NBA defensemen and is an interesting contrast to Beal for Wall to pass to.

The Wizards essentially switched Ian Mahinmi (15 Million a year…) for Nene, retained Markieff Morris, and added Trey Burke.

A very good, if not explosive, offseason for the Wizards. Your team could win 50+ games!

Your team could be alright.

Images via AP & Getty.


September 26: The Washington Wizards

Up next, The Orlando Magic…

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