Why Your Team Could Be Alright: The Orlando Magic

Your team could be alright. Here’s part two of of our thirty part series chronicling all the possible very good things to come for your team. 

The very good: Ummmmm. Hmmmmm. Welllllllllll. OK. Let’s see. Frank Vogel! Larry Legend decided to off his coach. Scott Skiles got out of dodge. The Magic get one of the better coaches in the league. That’s very good.


Serge Ibaka! YUP! The Orlando Magic are now the proud owners of the most promising big man of 2011. On opening night, the Magic will trot out a starting five that will look something like this:

PG – Elfrid Peyton

SG – Evan Fournier

SF – Jeff Green

PF – Serge Ibaka

C – Nikola Vucevic

That’s good? That’s pretty good!

Peyton and Fournier are intriguing players, Jeff Green, at this point, is a slightly above average NBA player, Vuvcevic is a potential All-Star, and Serge Ibaka is a very solid NBA player who has likely peaked. In addition to Green, don’t forget the signing of Bismack Biyombo.  Plus that weird European dude Mario Hezonja who might be a good player in the near-future.

So, what does this all mean for the Magic?

Here is a positive spin on the head-scratcher Ibaka-Oladipo trade.

Peyton and Oladipo are poor outside shooters. Former coach Scott Skiles recognized this, I think, and decided to experiment with Oladipo coming off the bench. There isn’t a back court in the NBA that has both players shooting three-pointers in low 30s.

So maybe Magic GM Rob Hennigan decided it was one or the other. Why he chose their second-leading scorer and a generally very fun player to watch? I am not sure.

Why he pulled the trigger on a probably-already-past-his-prime big man, then signed Bismack Biyombo? I do not know the answer to that either.

The very bad: Rob Hennigan!

Hate to do this to my fellow Emerson alum, but why, oh why, is this man still an NBA GM?

Let’s let Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel weigh in here:

I’m certainly no fan of Hennigan’s style, his public persona or the preferred path he has chosen to rebuild the team. Hennigan is boring and distant and has the personality of a supermarket sea trout, which is fine if you’re winning but not when the team you have put together has an abysmal four-year record of 103-225.

Woah! A sea trout!

Over the past four years (his first year directly followed Dwight Howard’s last Magic season; he traded Dwight Howard), he has bobbed his head into the draft bucket and come up with Kyle O’Quinn (backup), Oladipo (gone), Aaron Gordon (7.7 PPG over two seasons) and Mario Hezonja (who knows). He’s had the no. 2, no. 4, and no. 5 pick.

The draft is wildly unpredictable, sure, but upcoming is season no. 5 in the post-Dwight era, and the best player they have to show for it is Nikola Vucevic. He is a talented player but he is five years into his career without proving he can be the best player on a title team.

Hennigan: a top-notch sea trout, but probably not a very good GM.

Your team’s social media account, graded: Very informative!

Whoever runs that account runs a no-nonsense Everything You Need To Know About Your Team style account. It’s good. What stick out to me are these Tweets about second-year player Nick Johnson (nephew of Dennis Johnson):

I learned something! I appreciate that the person running their Twitter account is not some Buzzfeed import who knows nothing about sports.

Not a whole bunch of humor, but they do have this:




Your team in one gif: 


Your team’s best case scenario: Playoffs!

The Magic, at the very least, will be an entertaining team this season. They have lots of interesting pieces that could either spontaneously combust  or turn into last season’s Detroit Pistons.

That’s the fun of it. Your team could be alright.

Images via AP


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Up next, The Miami Heat…


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