Why Your Team Could Be Alright: The Brooklyn Nets

Why your team could be alright: Brooklyn Nets

Your team could be alright. Here’s part three of of our thirty part series chronicling all the possible very good things to come for your team. 

Well, I’m going to be honest straight off the bat. This is going to be really stretched. But the best part is that you are as low as low can get, so you can only go up from here (whether its this year or in 5 years).

The very good: You brought Jeremy Lin back to the city that inspires him to play his best. We saw what happens when he becomes a second string PG/SG over in Charolette. Exactly what you’d expect: In 26 averaged mpg, he put up 11pts and 3 ast. With more expected time in Brooklyn, he could prove to be pretty effective.

Brook Lopez is still there and is a slightly above average center that can get points on the board.

Brook-Lin is a fitting pick n roll duo and clever cheesy social hashtag – dare I say the main reason why they picked up Jeremy Lin??

Bojan is coming off of a nice Olympics run with Croatia (still haven’t beat that curse yet though). He can ride that into the first half of the season hopefully.

Randy Foye – wait hold on I forgot they even grabbed him. Aged, but can be useful off the bench.

Yogi Ferrell – New to the NBA, can make an impression, although not much happened during his summer league run.

Isaiah Whitehead – Only made the good list because he’s playing for Brooklyn and he’s from Brooklyn. How sick is that!?

The very bad: People named Beau Beech, Jaun Pablo Vaulet, Sergey Karasev, Egidijus Mockevicius and Justin Hamilton on your team. You could say not knowing anything about them is good, but I say its bad.

 Here is a picture of center and constant kill joy Justin Hamilton:


Your team in one gif: You almost beat the Warriors last year IN OAKLAND! Brook, how did you dick it that bad!?


Your team’s best case scenario: Not last place!

In the end we all know they will most likely keep bombing and continue to build the Celtics into a superstar team. We knew it the moment the KG & Paul Pierce trade went down in 2013. And now Brooklyn (New Jersey) fans get to watch and weep.

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