Here’s something you should know

You don’t need to know how to spell his name after four years in the NBA, but you really should know this. 

Giannis _________ is leading the Milwaukee Bucks in all five major statistical categories.

Yes, really, and he’s doing it for a pretty solid Milwaukee team. Here are his wildly balanced stats, with the next best Buck in that category.

Points: Giannis 22.3, Jabari Parker 19.4

Rebounds: Giannis 8.9, Greg Monroe 5.6

Assists: Giannis 5.9, Matthew Dellavedova 5.7

Blocks: Giannis 2, John Henson 1.6

Steals: Giannis 2, Greg Monroe 1.3

Looks like only that weird Australian dude who is somehow kind of good at basketball is the only thing standing between Giannis and a statistical feat that hasn’t been done since LeBron James, and has only been done by four players in history.

We’re rooting against you, Delly.

Image via SI

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