George Karl went there

Last week’s news…today (because we’re not all perfect, are we?).

Ex-coach Karl released a book last week, where he expressed his clashes with superstars throughout his coaching tenure in the NBA. When talking about Melo, he said “he was also a user of people, addicted to the spotlight and very unhappy when he had to share it.” and said that his (and Kenyon Martin’s) lack of a father figure is the reason for their erratic behavior. Queue the sigh of relief from DeMarcus Cousins knowing that he wasn’t that crazy (although he is) and that it wasn’t completely his fault (although it probably still was).

A Christmas Classic

The highly anticipated Christmas clash between Bulls and the Spurs (lol) Cavaliers and Warriors lived up to the hype. The Warriors blew a 14 point lead in the 4th, and Irving went beast mode down the stretch, very contested fade-away go ahead shot with 3 seconds left. Warriors decided to give Durant a chance to break this tough run of 4 consecutive losses to the Cavs, and how perfect that would have been if he could get his shot off (you still had a timeout Kevin!) At least there is still hope for an interesting Finals this year.

Phil splits with his Trophy (Wife)

After years of a relationship and engagement with Lakers prez Jeanie Buss, Jackson announced on Twitter that it was over. They couldn’t handle the long distance struggles in case you were wondering. “Now he can coach the Knicks” prayed every Knicks fan.

How many rebounds until Russell Westbrook has a triple dub?

Get used to it. Every national game covering the Thunder will feature an announcer count down Westbrook’s stats to get a triple double. Nothing else in the game will really matter. Bad announcers, meet the easy way out.

Take it easy, young Bucks

Milwaukee is getting hyped, giving local fans hope in that freezing terrain they call home. The Bucks are raising some eyebrows thanks to the aggressive work in the paint by Giannis Ante…(fuckit Jason Kidd you’re right) and bonus center Jabari Parker.

What broken back?

Grizzlies have been flying thanks to Marc Gasol. Besides the traded wins/losses with the Cavs (c’mon, we all knew that planned that shit out), the Grizzlies have been on fire. Now with Conley recovered from his fractured vertebrae in his back (how??), they should be strong.

Edit: C’mon, why you losin’ to the Lakers!

Rockets and Mavericks aren’t feelin’ it

The game was gritty, which are games that the Rockets tend to win. Also their respective records ended up being an accurate indicator. But it still ended up being a fun game to watch. We got to see Harden stare down Bogut after a drilling a three and Ariza getting ejected for reacting to a fuckin’ Salah Mejri’s comments about his family (c’mon Trevor, trash talk is trash talk and you let him get to you).

And D’angelo for the win!… :0…. 😦

What the loyal Lakers fans had to experience as they watched D’angelo Russell airball a potential game-winning three ball at the buzzer.

Stop it KD, we’re still mad at you

Durant spoke out against the NBA blaming the referees for theWarriors loss. He called B.S. that these refs that try their hardest each and every game are thrown under the bus when they miss a big call. What a good dude. Kerr agreed, saying “we were up 14th in the 4th”. Exactly.

Speaking of Steve Kerr…

The New York Times covered the cultured life of Kerr. A very good article, definitely give it a read.

Speaking of good articles…

Deadspin hit the nail in the coffin about our thoughts on past-his-journalistic-prime-millionaire Bill Simmons.

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