NY Knicks confirm Rose is missing, fans confirm since 2012

And it mattered, because the Knicks lost by 14 to the 15-23 Pelicans at HOME.

New York put up 15 points in the third quarter, giving Knicks fans a weird sense of Deja Vu.

Why? That’s right, because they put up fucking 14 points in a quarter ONE GAME AGO, which they also obviously lost.

So yes, even if the Knicks wanted that MVP Rose before the season started, they still need that 2016 Rose.

And for all the press sites saying his job is at risk, just stop. He’s a former MVP on a one year contract with a struggling franchise, he could probably do that a few more times and still get away with it.

Don’t get fooled by the clickbaity “Why Derrick Rose’s future with the Knicks is uncertain” shit you might see today.

Edit: He was seen in NY today with the GM and looked “in good spirits,” according to ESPN reporter Ian Begley. Ya see? Now get to work on running defensive drills. ASAP.

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