Twitter man shares nice Isaiah Thomas story

The most positive Kings fan in the world has surfaced.

To be completely and annoyingly honest, the people who have followed Boston Celtic point guard Isaiah Thomas since his rookie season in 2011-12 are really not all that surprised by his leap into the upper-echelon of NBA ranks.

His 28 points per game are a little more bloated than most would have predicted, but since his first year with the Sacramento Kings, the ‘Little Guy’ — a name anointed by the great Tommy Heinsohn — has been a lightning bolt and an offensive catalyst.

He averaged 20.4 points per game in his third season.

But, alas, most people do not know his history. Most people are shocked and amazed by a 5-foot-9 player’s ability to be an elite type of producer.

That is the way it has always been, as one David Stauffer can attest.

Today, the self-described ‘Unwavering supporter of the Sacramento Kings’ Tweeted out this photo.

Jimmer Fredette!

But anyway, I’m not totally sure who David’s father is, and I know his shoe choice is lacking entirely, but this is pretty cool.

There is Isaiah Thomas, looking more like a stood-up prom date than an NBA draft choice, sitting otherwise alone, chatting with this man who I imagine/assume is some kind of media/PR person.

As a reminder, Thomas was drafting 60th (last), and dropped 20 a game in his final year with the Kings.

But Sacramento saw no value in him and let him walk to a nightmare-ish situation in Phoenix, where he was one of three point guards in a dense backcourt.

The Suns traded him to Boston midway through that season for a late first-round draft pick and a bag of old balls, and, as they say, the rest is in the bin.

H/T @thedstauff

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