Jeremy Lin will be out another 3-5 weeks, Celtics fans rejoice

As if the Brooklyn Nets couldn’t be any shittier.

Their star signing (it was a big deal for them) has yet to be fully healthy this year. In fact, Lin has started just 9 games and played in 12 games of the 43 played so far. With the Islanders also underachieving this year (after ill-advised trades in the offseason, hockey blog coming soon), Barclays Center is already creating a losing atmosphere that probably wont see a championship for the next couple decades. Hey, at least Jay Z is sticking through the thick of it with the Brooklyn Boys. Oh wait, that’s right, he’s out.

Boston fans, on the other hand, are fackin’ stoked. They just watched the Pats wreck the Steelers to birth another fucking Super Bowl appearance, and the Celtics have been red hot, third in the east.

This Lin setback is the cherry on top for sports in the The Big Apple.

There is no denying that the 9 – 34 Nets will continue to lose badly. Via Basketball Reference, you can see just how badly they’ve been losing.



This will 100% continue. Happy 2017, Boston.

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