NBA is going full throttle into the VR world

And no one has the money to enjoy it.

If you go onto, and click on the side bar tab, you’ll realize they have an “NBA VR” tab, placed aggressively in the third slot of the sidebar order.


If you are one of the 6% of Americans who have a VR headset (and even smaller percentage who also enjoy watching the NBA), then you just got real hyped real quick. Court side seats, in my own living room? Lets goooooo!

So you click on the tab, and you end up here:


Fuck, they just narrowed their potential users down, again. So let me get this straight.  If you are an NBA fan who is also 6 % of America who owns a VR headset (and the percentage who owns a Samsung Gear  or the new Google Daydream is even smaller) AND you are cashing out on a NBA League Pass, than this is for you!!! Well that’s just great. I hope those 100 NBA fans enjoy the games, let us know how it is.

That being said, they are very much sold on VR being the tech of the future (as is most of the world). If, five years from now, it is a standard in our entertainment society, then they’ll have a great database of games that fans can go back and enjoy (maybe not the upcoming Mavs/Blazers game though). And yes, that also means you might be able to be right next to Spike Lee for every New York Knick loss. Speaking of which, that guy just slid his way out of the limelight during very tumultuous times at MSG. They need you now more than ever man!

Until the day that everyone has a VR headset, we are stuck in the commentators booth hearing about whatever Van Gundy is unhappy about that day.

We welcome your replies.

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