I bet you haven’t thought of the ’99 NBA Finals in a while

For our #TBT, we wanted to bring you back a few years – 18 in fact, to the NBA finals, where Latrell Sprewell had an amazing finals against Popovich’s Spurs. He put up 26 points a game, four points more than Allan Houston. It’s easy to laugh at poor ol’ Spree, it’s evidently harder to remember he was a damn good player. That Knicks squad, FYI, was only 27-23 (strike year), and remains the only eighth seed to reach the NBA Finals. It was a strange year indeed.

Although he had a phenomenal series, it was overshadowed by an even more monstrous performance by  — who else? — Timmy D, the second youngest Finals MVP ever that year. Duncan led the spurs to a 4-1 series win, averaging of 27.4 points per game, 14 boards, and 2.2 blocks. Absolute ANIMAL. In his second season, too.

Other notable names on that Spurs team include David Robinson, Avery Johnson, and Steve “I’ll just grab the ring out the door” Kerr, who had three-peated with the Bulls before that.

And to think that Duncan retired just last summer. Now that’s a dynasty.

Happy almost Friday fam.

Also: Why does all basketball footage from 2003 or earlier look like it was shot on a handycam in the lowest resolution possible?

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