The Downtown Rag, Vol. 1 No.1 Feb 15, 2017

“The object is to put the ball in that orange ring.” -Popovich after Spurs loss to the Knicks. When you fail to do that 64% of the time in a game, thats all you can really say.

A fiery blowout

All drama aside, the Warriors showed up in Oklahoma City and dominated the Thunder.

Now lets look at that side drama. The fans were up for the game since it was Durant’s first game back since the move heard around the world. They wanted him to feel the hate. And he did get off to a slow start (1-7 after making his first shot in the 1st quarter), but his teammates were there for them, and they jumped out to a 20 point lead in the second quarter. Russ had some words. Robertson had some words. Emotions were high. But it fizzed out as the blowout stayed in tact. If you want drama between KD and Westbrook, just wait until the All-Star game. You won’t miss it because ESPN/TNT won’t shut up about it.

And OKC felt the hangover from that game as they got washed by the red hot Wizards on Monday. On the flip side, The Warriors must have been feeling too nice off that dub, as they went on to lose by double digits to the 9th place Nuggets. Jokic put up 17/21/12 and the Nuggets tied an NBA high(?) of 24 three pointers made (out of only 40 attempts). I put the question mark there because the Cavs hit 25 triples last year in the playoffs (c’mon, that’s the reaallll record).

The little man

Isaiah is maintaining his fantastic form, leading the Celtics during a fantastic January, where they have moved into second place in the East. They are 9-1 in last 10 games – Boston should seriously consider picking up someone *cough* Cousins *cough* for the playoffs, as you can’t guarantee that Thomas will be this hot next year. Ride the wave Danny 🌊

A good fit

After a few slow games, Korver is groovin’ with the Cavs. He’s averaging 10.4 PPG on .500 shooting from the floor and .495 from 3 pt range. So damn good.  Which is good since news just broke that Love will be out 6 weeks from knee surgery.  He might be exactly what they need to win back to back rings.

Talent doesn’t equal wins…yet.

Teams like the Milwaukee Bucks (Parker🙁), Portland Trailblazers, Minnesota Timberwolves and Dallas Mavericks all feel they should be playing better than they are, and they should be. On paper, they have what it takes to compete and make opponents sweat. But they all have losing records. If they all start stepping their game up, the seeds in the bottom half of the East and West conferences will come down to the wire.

The Sixers are progressive… off the court.

Sure, The Process has been good as of late. But how about the brand, The Process? CEO Scott O’Neil has realized that he can do more with his money than just owning a terrible NBA franchise. So he started Sixers Innovation Lab. And they’re trendsetters, with The Minnesota Viking and Dodgers following their lead. The wonderful people over at The Hustle explain it like this:

“The Sixers take an equity stake in exchange for a spot in the lab, and in some cases, they’ll invest via a multi-million dollar fund. Some startups are there to create technology to benefit the team and its fans, others are there because the organization expects a huge return on their investment. There’s free food, legal and marketing services, and housing. Plus, the exposure these startups get just from being associated with an NBA team is unparalleled.”

Do you think it’ll work? You just might have to trust The Process.

A good watch: Giannis with the Jordan-Space Jam-esque dunk

A good read: This Reddit rant about not buying Knicks tickets

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