One year later, we’re exactly where we thought we’d be

*Amazing concept art of the 2017 Finals, by Asur, check out her playoff work here.

Our Decision

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Oh right – one year later, we’re exactly where we thought we’d be

Another NBA season came and went, and we all endured our own team’s ups and downs. False hopes were built, only to be shot down come playoff time. By the two teams you expected. Why did we even watch the regular season, anyways? Cuz we’re addicted to the stuff.

Who is your money on?

Anyone will admit, it’s really a hard choice. It is easy to play out each team winning the Finals in your head, so it really comes down to who you’re bias towards, who do you like more, whose story do you like better?

The New York Times put out the most neutral story, trying to capture the general feel of the nations opinion, and they were pretty spot on.

**Whatever you do, don’t put your money on Stephen A Smith’s prediction.

Whats our opinion, you ask?

LeBron: We all hated him at one point or another. From this reaction to losing in the semi finals, to The Decision, to winning a championship for a fanbase who ditches him with 30 seconds left in a close playoff basketball game, he was easy to hate. But the fatherly figure and attitude that has emerged as naturally as his acting career has shown us a side of him that we all kinda respect and can root for.

Especially when its that or a man named…

Kevin Durant. The man who made grown men cry when he said his mom was the real MVP,  who got so so close with the Thunder in the 2012 Finals and then again in the WCF last year. He’s here with something to prove after the move heard around the world. He’s in “IDGAF you haters” mode, and to be honest, that’s frightening. But honestly, he’s gone from Hero to Sub-Zero so fast that its hard to care for him.

Of course, there is plenty of other stories in this finals, and we’d be writing a novel if we were to cover each one. To us, this is the story to watch for. LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant.

What does Vegas think?

Some of these odds look enticing to bet against. Take a look at the series odds:

Cavaliers win in four games; 35-1

Cavaliers win in five games; 20-1

Cavaliers win in six games; 6-1

Cavaliers win in seven games; 10-1

Warriors win in four games; 5-1

Warriors win in five games; 5-2

Warriors win in six games; 9-2

Warriors win in seven games; 7-2

We see a few steals (no pun intended). Feel confident about one of these outcomes? Put your money where your mouth is.

One more time

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